Ostional beach turtle tour, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

ostional turtles tour

Ridley Turtle Spawning

There are natural events that are difficult to forget. Watch a huge olive ridley turtle come out of the sea, walk slowly uphill along this beach, until it reaches the dry sand, use its head and legs (fins) to dig a deep hole in the sand, to finally take up a spawning position and in each bid release some eggs, reaching an average of more than 50 eggs.

Then they bury the hole and always with a distrustful look on the nearby humans or buzzards -dogs that roam looking for their eggs too-, they take the path back to the sea, pausing, because their heavy shell (weighs 30 to 50 kg) and the spawning has exhausted them. She expects a strong wave and when the force of it pulls her out to sea, then she swims and gets lost in the depths of the ocean.

It transmits that mystique of a marine animal that emerges to the surface because its instinct has told it that this place in Costa Rica is the ideal place for the reproduction of its species (Lora Turtles in its great majority). Only 0.7% of the millions of buried eggs will reach their adult stage. They must overcome the egg and hatchling stoners, reach the sea and then its creatures.

Spawning season is late September and early October each year.



Beach Sunset




Beach Siwmming


Beach Lenght

7 km

Beach Sand

Black and brown sand

Beach Shadows

No, a few


There is no special access for wheelchairs, but it is possible

Stones Underwater

A few


Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, in the Cuajiniquil canton in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, located 38 km north of Playa Sámara, 66 km from Nicoya, Guanacaste.

How to get?

5 hours driving from San José, drive to Route 27, pass Orotina, then exit at El Roble taking the Inter-American Route. After Abangares, turn left towards the Puente de la Amistad route, drive to Nicoya, Santa Cruz and finally take route 160

Nearby Beaches

  1. San Juanillo Beach (7 km)
  2. Guiones Beach (12 km)
  3. Marbella Beach (17 km)
  4. Sámara Beach (38 km)

Other activities

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