Arenillas Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

playa arenillas guanacaste

The Secrets Papagayo jewel

It looks virginal, hidden. It is little known, and calm very calm. Even when it rains it is beautiful, because it changes its traditional emerald green for a soft light blue.

The sea floor is clean like its crystalline waters, there is a sign of dangerous currents, however you can swim without problems, it is not deep within a short distance.

It is in a bay (Culebra Bay), hence its calm, in front it has other beautiful beaches as Blanca and Nacascolo, to which you can travel by jet ski or boat. 

Important information

Beach Sunset




Beach Siwmming


Beach Lenght

800 meters

Beach Sand

Gray and brown

Beach Shadows




Stones Underwater

A few


Playa Arenillas, in the Carrillo canton, Guanacaste, located 10 km north of Playa Coco, 50 km from Liberia, Guanacaste.

How to get?

4.5 hours driving from San José, drive to Route 27, pass Orotina, then exit at El Roble on the Inter-American Route. After Abangares drive to Liberia, then drive for an hour to Playa del Coco, then the last 11 kilometers to Playa Arenillas.

Note: at the end of the road, you will find Secrets Papagayo Hotel, By Costa Rican law, they must give you access tru its beautiful installations to get to this public beach.

Nearby Beaches

  1. Panamá Beach (4.5km)
  2. Buena Beach (5.5 km)
  3. Bonita Beach (6 km)
  4. Hermosa Beach (7.5 km)
  5. Coco Beach (11.5 km)

Other activities

  • Tour Blanca Beach
  • Papagayo Tour

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